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San Diego City Firefighters

19 Days of Fighting COVID-19

San Diego City Firefighters are launching a COVID-19 support campaign to support local community organizations on the frontlines of the crisis. Firefighters are donating $57,000, over 19 days, to local community organizations that are helping San Diegans through this COVID-19 pandemic.

San Diego City Firefighters, in collaboration with Mayor Kevin Faulconer and San Diego City Councilmembers from all 9 districts, will virtually visit and highlight one organization per day and provide them with a $3,000 donation. We want to highlight the mission and work of each organization so that other San Diegans, who may need help or wish to give help, will have some ideas of where to turn.

“Firefighters live and work in the communities. We go into people's homes and see the financial impacts of COVID-19 on a daily basis. Like so many others, we are compelled to do more to help our community through this difficult time.”

Local 145 President Jesse Conner

The campaign starts on Friday, April 10 and ends on Tuesday, April 28. Follow our Facebook page for daily updates!


Community Organizations Featured in the Campaign

  1. Serving Seniors

  2. Feeding San Diego

  3. UNITE HERE! Education & Support Fund

  4. Jacob's Center For Neighborhood Innovation

  5. Support the Enlisted Project

  6. Community Christian Service Agency

  7. Elderhelp

  8. Sherman Heights Community Center

  9. Partnership for the Advancement of New Americans — PANA

  10. UC San Diego Foundation

  11. United Way of San Diego County

  12. Center for Community Solutions

  13. San Diego LGBT Community Center

  14. Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation

  15. Meals on Wheels San Diego County Innovation

  16. The Good Shepherd Catholic Church

  17. Restaurants Care

  18. Casa Familiar

  19. Partnership for the Advancement of New Americans — PANA

San Diego City Firefighters Community Responsibility Fund is a non-profit corporation that was established by San Diego City Firefighters in 1973 as a way to give back to the communities they serve. Since then, San Diego City Firefighters have donated money out of their bi-weekly paychecks to support local nonprofits who do tremendous work for San Diegans in need. Firefighter donations have grown to exceed $100,000 a year and continue to assist long-time community partners that include Muscular Dystrophy Association, San Diego Burn Institute, United Cerebral Palsy, and many others.